Tuesday, October 20, 2009

bharat or garibi

poverty in india, as we find today. is not of recent origin. it has its roots in the past. not that india was a poor country always. country to it volumes have been written by foreign travellers to this land to depict the riches and wealth of india. there was hardly traveller. who was not facinated by the richness and abboundence of this land. how did such a rich country get reduce to the status of a poover stagnant backwardsand undevloped country? it is a long story this all began with the arrival eighteent century. i mean my porpose is not acquaint the reader with the process that broke down the economics life of ancient india and brought in the forces that spelt misery and poverty for the masses.

we begin with a rivew of the state of the indian economic on the eve of the britesh rule. we trace the arrival of the britishers we follow up with a brief decscription of the varrious forms in which the britshers robbed india of her wealth. towards the end of the i will persent you a long story of the economics consequences of british rue in india i persent a pen-portrait of the indian economy.
"It is with nation as with individuals. the bread which we earn by our labour nourishes & invigoratis the food we gets consume without toil is poisen to our system & the histoyr of past time and past nation has been recovered in when if it deos not teach us that tributes from subject empires led to luxury & decay"


  1. yup u sbsolutely rite but one major cause is cosolidation of land holding you must add it.