Sunday, January 10, 2010

fashion become youth passion

today we are living in an age of charming fashion. everyday we see a change in the fashion of cloths and hairstyle. cinema is the home of new fashion.
young boys and girls borrow fashion from there. they copy the fashion of their favorite stars or film stars . they want to excel each-other in fashion. there is something wrong with girls. my indication towords the short length of cloths which can encerceled people eaisly i am not blaming anyone but thats true. it can be very harmful for them i saw day by day in news rape attempt case are incresed. who is responsible for this boys or girls . very tuff to say this. to my mind our culture did not allow shortlength cloths.its dont mean i am blaming to girls becoz they use short lenth cloths. infact stated that boys should controll there eyes what saw they have to maintane law and order situation.

on other hand i would like to draw yours kind attention towards the problem which we are facing today is only few people can afford to adopt this fashion they come in new dresses in new fashion they make fun of those who put on out of date drasses as a result even those people who cant afford rich dresses are tempted to be fashionable. some time they borrow money and things from their rich friends. whenever they have to attend some party. it often leads to qurrals. they often go astray.
all desired result can enough to tell the story. which means who can afford they should adopt fashion who cant dont feel shame. once become able can also adopt rich dresses be happy

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